Nice to meet you! 🙂

After more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant business we opened the Freno, a Chef restaurant combining only the best of the best in a Moroccan Frena bread. Since we know the market and its players, we understand how to provide to our customers the optimal food experience – with quality products which are fresh and delicious, generous and professional service, fair prices, and all of this without wasting your precious time.

Why did we decide to establish the Freno?
We decided it was time to prove that quality does not necessarily mean excessive costs. This way, we actually contribute to the fight against astronomic, inappropriate prices.

So what is Freno and what does it represent?
Firstly, freshness and a healthy meal – crunchy hot Frena bread that we baked freshly for each customer, filled with a meat or vegetarian home made dish, with vegetables we delivered in the morning and home made sauces and salads (without preservatives and and food colouring).
The service – we believe that a customer spending his hard-earned money deserves generous service that is quick and coming from the heart.
The prices – we, too, are restaurant customers and we, too, are tired of paying 50-70 NIS or even more for a meal consisting of main and side dish plus soft drink. The Freno provides the solution, with a main dish of only 25 NIS and a meal of 40 NIS only.

Oh,.. and there is also our Freno Kids’ Meal, costing only 29 NIS.

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